Privacy Café: online security for everyone

April 17, 2015
Global Conference on Cyberspace Unplugged – the Hague, the Netherlands

During this unconference accompanying the Global Conference on Cyberspace I shared my experiences in hosting the Privacy Café, a series of workshops on digital self-defense skills. From the unconference pages:

This year volunteers of Bits of Freedom have trained over 450 beginners in the use of privacy-enhancing tools. This session addresses the challenges in making the classic cryptoparty more accessible and inclusive. How can we design a workshop that makes everyone want to use Tor? What is the role of public institutions? How can we help you host your first Privacy Café?

The fresh and active discussions were a welcome addition to the regular conference which was much inclined towards a corporate understanding of security. As Vint Cerf put it during the unconference: “when did we start calling it security instead of safety?”